Farmhouse Remodel – one of our favorites…and a whole lot of work. We discovered this one Sunday morning browsing the MLS and I noticed a FOUR-CAR garage in Hudson! Doug had been patient living in our First Street remodel with very little room for job trailers, so the thought of a larger garage and a larger lot was pretty appealing.

The property was a foreclosure and hadn’t been lived in for a few years. We started the adventure cleaning up trash, removing the pool and pulling out a tree stump full of bees. We then patched up a whole in the foundation and began interior demo. We removed everything down to the studs, and then discovered we needed to replace the studs too! The studs were installed flat, which meant a 2″ cavity for insulation instead of 3.5″, so we added studs and fortified the structure where necessary. We found square nails and the exterior sheeting was old-growth 1″ thick boards, some as wide as 18″. The boards extended from the foundation to the top of the second floor in one piece. Pretty cool!

My nephew Cass came by for a weekend and helped us demo – not what you’d expect to be a favorite activity for a 9 year old, but he was an impressive worker – that lath and plaster didn’t stand a chance. Fast forward to obtaining appliances and lumber during pandemic prices, replacing the shingles on the house and garage, siding both with fiber cement board (a first for us – love it), so much Hirshfield’s paint inside and out and decor to fit the modern farmhouse vibe.

The garage was originally a 3-car and a former owner added a 4th stall as living quarters. We removed the wooden floor, poured concrete and added a garage door opener. We insulated and heated the rest of the garage and then added a large concrete driveway. Our neighbors (nicest ever!) would stop by with treats like home-smoked meats and ice cream cake – this house was a hard one to leave because of such a great neighborhood. But Tennessee is calling, and we must go. Next project: Tennessee 70’s A-Frame!